Things to know

The border triangle

Vaals has a special geographical position. It is situated in the border triangle (the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany), in the direct vicinity of the city of Aachen. With its impressive buildings, the border triangle and its beautiful countryside, Vaals has a lot to offer.

The Dutch province of Limburg

The town is located in the very southeast of the Dutch province of Limburg, approx. 23 km to the east of the provincial capital of Maastricht and 5.5 km to the west of the city centre of Aachen. In local dialect, Vaals is called "Vols", and the local residents call themselves "Völser". In the Netherlands, Vaals is the town with the largest percentage of German citizens as local residents (approx. 26%).

Merges with the district of the Vaalserquartier in Aachen

Vaals lies right on the German border and merges with the district of the Vaalserquartier in Aachen.

The border municipality comprises the three urban centres of Vaals, Lemiers and Vijlen. With Vaals go the villages of Raren and Wolfhaag, with Lemiers the villages of Holset and Mamelis, and with Vijlen the villages of Camerig, Cottessen, Harles, Melleschet and Rott. The municipal territory also includes Vaalserberg, the highest point of the continental Netherlands. This hill also marks the border triangle of Belgium-Germany-the Netherlands.

Many types of accommodation

Vaals offers many types of accommodation: detached single-family homes, multi-family units, student rooms and flats. Find your accommodation near Aachen.

Do you work in Aachen?

 If so, living in Vaals will offer you, among other things, the following advantages:

- Many types of residential living space;

- A fabulous and extensive recreational area always at your disposal;

- Varied retail shopping (in part also open on Sundays);

- Excellent cuisine;

- The centre of Aachen is 10 minutes away by car;

- Going to the RWTH Campus and the University Hospital will take you 5 minutes by bike;

- A third of the residents is German, most of the residents speak German;

- Bus service to Aachen 24/7 (incl. direct lines to the main station);

- German mobile phone networks.

The history of Vaals

In local dialect, Vaals is called "Vols", and the local residents call themselves "Völser".