Standard of Living in Vaals

We are proud that Vaals is one of just a few Dutch Cittaslow towns, entitled to call itself a "liveable" town.


Cittaslow, also called Slow City or Network of Cities where Living is Easy, is an international movement, inspired by the Slow Food Organization and founded in Orvieto (Italy) in October 1999. With a network spreading out over 25 countries, Cittaslow is the international hallmark of towns and municipalities working towards ensuring the best quality of life for their residents, businesses and visitors. Around the world, almost 100 towns have been awarded this title, eleven of which are in Germany, five in the Netherlands. (For more information, please consult:



Advantages due to the vicinity of Aachen

Nowhere else in the Netherlands is a municipality located so close to a foreign city. Of course, this places us in a special position with a lot of opportunities. In the municipality, we endeavour to coordinate administration and organisation, so that our citizens can make the most of the opportunities offered by Euregio.
To promote the cross-border quality of accommodation and living, we initiate projects during which we also work together with various partners. Some of those projects are:

The installation of the Grenzinfopunkt (GIP)

The cooperation in the Charlemagne Grenzregion

The reconstruction of the Maastrichterlaan

The redesign of the centre of Vaals (Koningin Julianaplein)

Vaals is one of the few Dutch Cittaslow communities and may thus be called a livable town