Will my move to the Netherlands make school attendance in the Netherlands compulsory for my children?

If you live in the Netherlands and want your child(ren) to attend school in Germany, you can apply for an exemption from the Dutch compulsory school attendance.

In that case, you should register with the Regionaal Bureau leerplicht of the city of Maastricht: +31(0) 43 350 4807. Or send an e-mail to: leerplichtvsv@maastricht.nl.

You will receive a letter with 2 forms. One of them has to be filled in by you, the other one by your child's school. These forms can be returned to the city of Maastricht in an prepaid envelope; subsequently, an exemption will be granted.

(Source: Team Onderwijs, Bureau Voortijdig Schoolverlaten -VSV -  voor Maastricht en Heuvelland Gemeente Maastricht, phone: +31(0) 43 350 4807).

Exemption from the Dutch compulsory school attendance can be applied for at:

Regionaal Bureau Leerplicht of the city of Maastricht:

Phone:+31(0) 43 350 4807

E-mail: leerplichtvsv@maastricht.nl