What do I have to take into account if I want to place my child(ren) in a Dutch day-care centre?

In the Netherlands, children up to 4 years are looked after in a day-care centre for children (NL: KDV, Kinderdagverblijf), and children as of 5 years up to entry into secondary school in a so-called “after-school care centre” (NL: BSO or NSO, Buitenschoolse Opvang or Naschoolse Opvang).

If you work or live in the Netherlands, you may be entitled to receive child allowance and a childcare allowance. These benefits are paid by the tax authority (NL: Belastingdienst). That is also where you have to apply for them. If you are employed in Germany, you must inform the tax authority accordingly.

You will receive childcare allowance if you fulfil the following requirements:

• you receive child allowance or foster-parents allowance for the child; or the child is mainly dependent on you for material support;

• your child should be registered under your Dutch residential address, i.e. in the GBA (Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie) of the corresponding community;

• your (joint) income is not too high;

• the day-care centre should be officially recognized by an LRKP* registration (all day-care centres in Vaals are registered); private day-care providers must also be registered;

• you have signed a written agreement with the day-care centre agency;

• the child for whom you apply for childcare allowance is still in primary school;

• you or your partner pay the costs for the child care;

• you and your partner are Dutch nationals or have a valid residence permit or are EU-citizens;

• you work, study or attend an integration class with a certified organisation; the same applies to your partner.

(Source: www.grensarbeid.nl , www.belastingdienst.nl)